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Hotel in disneyland paris

The hotel in disneyland paris is decorated in pastel colors with Victorian fantasy environment, the most luxurious of the Disney hotels. It is majestic character, at the entrance of the park with its central tower with a large clock within which sees Mickey Mouse.has two restaurants, one of which is the most delicious Buffet resort, […]


Train from paris france to brussels belgium

If you have the opportunity to travel by train from paris france to belgium brussels, will have a ride which he will do from one capital to another, as is the beautiful city of Paris which it is the capital of France, and you will come to the city of brussels which is the capital […]


Train from paris france to san sebastian spain

To move aa visit to the neighboring country, what better way to choose the train paris san sebastian Spain, train from paris france to san sebastian spain. This train paris san sebastian Spain offers different alternatives. For one thing, San Sebastian is located north of Spain, so it will be better communicated and will cost […]


Travel to the south of france by train

One of the most visited countries in Europe is France doing some statistics many times in the year, found that most people who visit Europe, especially visiting this country that people outside of North America, South, Central and Latin all these places and visit much love to travel to southern France by train, travel to […]